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Thesis writing requires one to be able to understand and analyze what the primary source has provided.

Writing And Editing Dissertation Acknowledgements

Before you submit a dissertation, make sure that it comprises of a professionally crafted acknowledgements section. MyPaperDone can help you with it. The acknowledgements for dissertation refer to a short section of the paper where the researcher shows gratitude or appreciation to people that helped them complete the project. A well written dissertation acknowledgements section illustrates your appreciation of team work. It also proves that you made significant efforts to produce a credible work.

Here’s a quick guide on how to write good acknowledgements in dissertation.

Acknowledgements should be at the Beginning of the Paper

Knowing where to place the acknowledgements is one of the key aspects to look into when writing a dissertation. The right section of the paper to place the acknowledgements is before the contents page, immediately after the abstract. For clarity, acknowledgements should be composed on a separate page.

Acknowledgements Section should include Key Contributors to Your Work

Many people may have assisted you in the research work and other aspects of the project. However, you don’t have to list all of them in your PhD dissertation acknowledgements section. Instead, determine the key contributors whose support was significant in the entire process. The list can include your parents and friends, colleagues, teachers, instructors, academic professionals and organizations whose support was critical in your study.

Keep it Short and Simple

The acknowledgements section does not usually carry a lot of weight compared to other sections of the dissertation. Therefore, avoid phrases and statements that could weigh down your audience. Check out a few dissertation acknowledgements examples to get insights on the best way to keep this section short and simple.

Maintain a Friendly but Professional Tone

Although you have the freedom to choose who to include in the acknowledgments section, don’t use overblown phrases and statements. Instead, use a simple language to credit people and entities that were helpful and show how they assisted you. As you will find out in most acknowledgements for dissertation samples, this section should use friendly and formal phrases. Here are examples of the phrases to use in the acknowledgement section:

  • “I would like to thank…”
  • “My sincere gratitude to…”
  • “Am profoundly grateful to…’’

The Best Dissertation Acknowledgements should be Relevant to the Study

Entities that you include in the dissertation should be people that really helped you complete the project. Preferably, include entities that are seen as authorities in your study field. Choose people and organizations that have directly supported your efforts and maintain the writing style of the paper when composing the acknowledgements section. For instance, if the dissertation is written in a conversational tone, take the same approach to write the acknowledgements section.

For further assistance in writing good dissertation acknowledgements, refer to a well crafted dissertation acknowledgements sample. Upon completion of the writing task, proofread the work carefully before presentation or submission.


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